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We are Manufacturer and supplier of ice plants, Supplier of three kinds of ice making machines.

Block Ice Plant:

Pressure vessel is designed according to ASME standards.
Stainless steel ice crusher.
Ammonia refrigerant
High energy refrigeration system, low energy consumption and ecofriendly.
Block ice is left in its original shape and size or be crushed for to use for storage purposes

Flake Ice Plant:

Machines are of European design, manufactured strictly for technical requirements.
Simple structure and less occupied space.
Ammonia refrigerant
Large surface area of flake helps in faster cooling of the product stored..
Ease of operation and serviceability.
Flake ice is used for long term storage of fruits like apples, pears and high value produces.

Tube Ice Plant:

Stainless steel ice machine.
Ammonia refrigerant.
Simplicity in design and engineering.
Highly efficient, consumes less power.
Lesser space required for production.
Tube ice is used in poultry industry, hospital industry, sea food processors, fishing industry and other applicable areas.