Freezer Rooms

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These cold rooms are designed for maintaining negative temperatures -18 ˚C to -30 ˚C

Designed for Products like meat, frozen food ,ice cream, chemicals & pharmaceuticals.
Increases the shelf life and maintains the quality of the products stored such as without any deterioration.
Uniform cooling throughout and reaches desired temperature as designed for the type of product and quantity.


Polyurethane Foam(PUF) Panels with density 40±2 kg/m3 with thickness 100mm, 120mm & 150mm.
Prepainted Galvanised Iron (PPGI) sheets or Stainless steel sheets as laminates on either sides of PUF panel.
Expanded Polystyene or PUF insulation for floors with Aluminium or Stainless steel chequered flooring.
Swing or Slide doors with PUF density 45±2 kg/m3 and door accessories include locks & hinges, door frame with gasket and safety release knob.
Split type refrigeration system with DX type of cooling.
Blueswirlz Evaporator unit - Thermally conductive copper tube and aluminium fins as heat exchanger. Axial fans with high flow rate and air throw. Aluminium casing evaporator for anti corrosive environment and Stainless steel casing evaporator for corrosive atmosphere.
Blueswirlz Condenser unit – Highly efficient, reliable and impeccable performance air cooled condenser units with reciprocating and scroll type compressors. Blueswirlz offers Condenser units from reputed and reliable makers of the International market like Daikin, Emerson, Tecumseh, Danfoss & Bitzer.
Microcontroller based temperature controller with defrost cycle for easy operation of cold room.